Who Am I?

Despite the introspective title, this is merely an About me section. I know that barely 10 people glance at this blog. However, I still like writing things down. I’ve been feeling a lot more peaceful after I write a post, even if I don’t publish it. It’s good to get these things out of your […]

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My last year as a teenager

I found a bit of downtime for myself as I’m in that awkward 30 minutes between a meeting and breakfast. So I’m writing a list of things I’m doing ( or have done by the time I write them down here) in the last year of being a teenager. It’s a strange time for me as […]

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Hello again everyone! So with school being a struggle, I haven’t had a chance to begin my Na’Vi/fake language escapade.  I will though, soon enough. I am unsure of how this story will pan out as it stands now. I think I should probably plan A LITTLE BIT of where the plot will end up, […]

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Making Up A Language

Hello again. Today is my 19th birthday and I’ve decided that my birthday present to myself is to let go of expectation for this piece and to just let it be. I’ve already written the first part of it, the first part of many many parts, but there is a need for a made up language in […]

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Every Planet We Reach is Dead

These girls danced on poles and pelted their arms into the air, turned their spines until the acutest angles were formed, only leaving obtuse angles for their legs. They swung from poles and hung the planets on their shoulders while doing so. All except for Nashie, Nashie kept her planet up and alive, the lights […]

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Parts from: Wilting Flowers

“Shut up for one second alright? You think time is your enemy? You think time is running too fast? Just wait until you see how fast we run. How fast you run. Time can barely keep up sometimes. We want so much, so quick. When we don’t get it we think it’s a message from […]

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The Hum

There was a hummmmm in the lights as if their brightness was trying to tell us that they were awake. Her eyes, one trapped, one free, stared into mine, and in my chest I felt it. I felt the warmness in my chest, I felt that hummmmm because there was that ball, that piece of […]

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